The Tropical Flowers of Kauai – Guide

The Tropical Flowers of KauaiKauai is one of the 8 main islands of Hawaii State, the 4th largest island in size, it is famous by its nature environment, as it has many nature places all over its areas, from high mountains, to big jungles, rain forests, and awesome colored beaches, a true topical earth paradise, and it is also known as the “Green Isle”.

Tropical plants and flowers are growing almost everywhere, and due to the isolated nature location of the Hawaii State, it has unique and wonderful flowers, which are exported to many places all over the world.

On this article we will take a tour together on these types of tropical flowers, especially the ones that grow on the island of Kauai.

  • Mokihana flower:

Mokihana flower

We will start with the Mokihana flower, the symbol of the island, and as you can see it is not an actual flower! It is a green berry that represent the island.

  • Bird of Paradise:

Bird of Paradise

A common type of flowers you would find all over the place, it usually grows on tropical weathers, bird of paradise belong to the exotic type of flowers, as you can see on the picture, it usually have brightly sunshine colors, and its shape represents a flying bright bird that moves his wings!

  • Hawaiian Hibiscus:

Hawaiian Hibiscus

This is not your typical red color Hibiscus, it is in yellow!

The Hawaiian famous flower known as a different type of hibiscus, it has large leafs, and blooms with a bright yellow color, and it is also goes by the name of the flower`s State.

  • Black Eyed Susan:

Black Eyed Susan

Although this flower is not originated from a Hawaiian environment, as it is originally from Africa, but it is spreading and blooming all over the islands of the state, it is known for its colors in orange and yellow, the flower center is usually in hard purple color, and it has a wonderful bright look on the mornings.

  • Blue Ginger:

Blue Ginger

The blue ginger is a tall plant with purple flowers and green leafs, it is considered as a house plant, because it requires shade and fertilizing to have a steady grow, usually this flower is in blue or purple colors.

  • Dendrobium Orchid:

Dendrobium Orchid

Among all the orchid types that grow on the Hawaii state, this is the most famous one, because it grows almost everywhere, you will find it around the houses, and on the public gardens.

The flower as you can see is a multi-colored one, it has a beautiful mixture of yellow, purple, and white colors.

  • The Plumeria:

The Plumeria

This tender look flowers represent an iconic symbol among the flowers in Hawaii, there are various colors for this flower, there are yellow, white, orange, and also pink.